FON 2013

The 81th Festival of Nations was organized between May 2 and May 5 in Saint Paul. The famous festival was like a four-day-long tour around the world: the cultural exhibits, the bazaar, the cafés and the musical and dance performances represented faithfully the ethnical diversity of Minnesota.

As for many years, the Minnesota Hungarians took part again in the Festival this year. The theme of 2013 was Children: Our past and our future, our 
cultural exhibit presented the Children’s Railway in Hungary. This unique and special subject attracted the attention of both children and adults 
visited the booth with interest to learn more about the railway and about Hungary.
The Hungarian Café was also working all weekend long without stopping. The volunteers were continuously cooking gulyás and pörkölt, serving 
Dobos torta and Rigó Jancsi to the great delight of the customers.

The Hungarian community of Minnesota is very lucky that it can present its culture with folkdance and live folk music as well: the “Vidéki Dancers” and the “Szászka” band had more than 4 performances over the weekend, showing our wonderful cultural heritage to the 
The 81th Festival of Nations was again a beautiful, colorful, informative and quality program for all who were ready to open towards the miracles of the world, towards the beauties of the different cultures.
The Festival of Nations is the largest and longest running multicultural festival in Minnesota, celebrating cultural diversity with food, music, demonstrations, exhibits and dance.