Minnesota Hungarians open Hungarian School (04.06.2014.)


April 6 marked the date that 23 excited children embarked on a new adventure-learning about her heritage and culture through the formal study of the Hungarian language. Supported by a grant from the Hungary Initiatives Foundation, the school is the first of its kind for the over 100-year-old organization. It has been fondly named the MISI 

Hungarian School and the children are called the MISI Mókusok.

    The children were initially grouped into two classes based on their ages: Kismókusok: one class of 5-7 year olds, and Nagymókusok: a second class of 8-12 year olds. It became apparent very quickly that the 8-12 year old class needed to be grouped into those children understanding instruction in Hungarian and those that need instruction in English. Consequently, there are currently 3 classes being conducted on a weekly basis for 8 weeks. Another 8-week session is planned for the fall but will be modified as need arises as word spreads of the success of the school. 

The school has been fortunate to have 3 professional teachers lending their experience and expertise in developing the curriculum and presenting the materials to the children. The teachers and the leaders of the Minnesota Hungarians believe that the school is providing their community the opportunity to study our language and culture all the while providing an environment where children of like ages can develop life-long friendships and a chance to speak in their parents' native language.



The teachers have solicited the reinforcement of the classroom work in the parents' involvement in homework assignments. This not only bridges the gap of 6 days until the next instruction but helps the parents' become partners with the teachers. The parents are excited to see their children's level of excitement about the classes and eagerness to do the homework. 

    In addition to the MISI Hungarian School, the Minnesota Hungarians, supported by the Hungary Initiatives Foundation grant, are also sponsoring adult classes beginning on April 24. There are 13 adults registered for this first series of classes.