Annual Programs

Annual programs

Farsang/Carnival Dinner and Party 
Hungarians celebrate Farsang/Carnival with food, parties and costumes. Come join the celebration and be sure to sample the tasty Carnival donuts, called fánk, that are eaten during these celebrations. 

Táncház means "dance house" and refers to social gatherings where people gathered to dance their village dances and socialize. The Hungarian band, Szászka, play live music for our táncház events. There is folk dance teaching for children and adults.

Commemoration of the 1848-49 Revolution
Commemorations of the 1956 Revolution

Remembering the sacrifices that Hungarians have made for freedom and liberty is an important aspect of MN Hungarians. It provides for a link to the past and an opportunity to teach visitors and members about these important events in Hungarian history.

Festival of Nations (first week of May)
The Festival of Nations is the largest multicultural festival in Minnesota, celebrating cultural diversity with food, music, demonstrations, exhibits and dance.

Summer Picnic (August)
This is a pot luck with bogrács gulyás, a Hungarian speciality cooked in large copper kettles above wood fire out in the open.

Fall Fundraising Dinner
Come and enjoy authentic Hungarian meal. There is also a silent auction and a raffle. The proceeds from this dinner go into the coffers to provide support to various programs.

Annual membership meeting
On this meeting official business is approved, the next year's plans are discussed and new Board members are elected.

Hungarian Christmas Party
The Christmas Party celebrates St. Nicholas Day, known as Mikulás Nap in Hungarian and is primarily an event organized for the children.