Sept./Oct. - Grape Harvest

Grape harvests are accompanied in Hungary in September-October by festive events and programs.  Hungary's climate is very favourable for quality wine growing because the average temperature is high, and fall is rather dry with warm, sunny weeks until mid-October (a period often referred to as Indian summer/Vén asszonyok nyara).  This allows Hungary to produce the entire range of classic wines: whites, roses, reds, and natuaral sweet dessert wines.  Add the slopes of volcanic origin and you get a combination of natural conditions that with the expertise of talented wine makers result in fine wines.  Rich diversity of both international and local grape varieties are grown in the Hungarian wine regions and a great variety of wines are made from them.

The best-known of all Hungarian wine region is Tokaj.  Tokaj stands on the hill where the second biggest river in Hungary, the Tisza meets the small, fast twisted river, the Bodrog. Its nature is so beautiful and colorful.  In Rome it was Tokaji wine, which filled the Pope’s chalice during Mass. The kings of Poland always celebrated with a glass of Tokaji, and the Russian tsars toasted their foreigh dignitaries with wines from the Tokaj region.  The Tokaji aszu, “the king of wines, the wine of kings” has made the town one of the best-known in Hungary.


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