Pal Imre Fulop

In memoriam - Pál Imre Fülöp (1924 – 2010)

Pál Imre Fülöp passed away on March 22, 2010. He was a long time member of the Minnesota Hungarians organization. Pál lost his wife Magdolna just last October, after 61 years of marriage.He was heartbroken.

Pál Fülöp, Minnesota Hungarians Dinner, 2009

Pál and his family came to Minnesota in 1971 and lived in South Minneapolis. He worked as a respected and acknowledged draftsman. Pál was a talented artist creating beautiful compositions out of Hungarian folk motives. He became master of the pen, colors, and compositions of his ideas. It was his passion and hobby to design new images of Hungarian embroideries that introduced and presented the beauty and varieties of the Hungarian folk art. Pál and his wife Magdi had the same interests in imaginative creations of art.  Their artistic work was exhibited at the Festival of Nations for years and was also won winning first place awards when submitted in the MN State Fair.

After Magdolna’s departure Pál was inconsolable, despite of his effort to return to drawing again. His heart problems became more serious and eventually took his life.

He will be greatly missed by his family and the Hungarian community.

Juhász Gyula
A búcsúzás szonettje

Búcsút veszek ma fájón tőletek,
Nyugodt, ó formák, zárt gyűrűk, szonettek,
Mik rejtve rejtik a szép mérgeket,
Keserveit megölt, megtört szivemnek.
Búcsút veszek ma fájón tőletek,
Szonettek, ötvözöttek és kizengők,
Nékem ez ékes forma elveszett,
Én eltévedve járok már nagy erdőt,
Hol immár végtelen dallam lebeg,
Mely csillagok felé tör s mélybe zendül
S míg egy talányos és új félelemtül
Szívem remeg, a végtelen egek
Szelíden és örökre rámhajolnak
S én társa lettem a holt csillagoknak.

March 25, 2010.