Olga Zoltai donated a painting to the City of Hatvan (10.10.2012)

October 10, 2012 - Hatvan, Hungary

Olga Zoltai, member of the Minnesota Hungarians donated a Sandor (Alexander) Vago painting to the City of Hatvan, in Hungary. The painting was presented to the city's officials by Csilla Grauzer, President of the Minnesota Hungarians.

 The Sandor Vago painting depicted a market scene in 1914. The painter had a studio in Hatvan in the early 1910s. The painting was sold in an auction in Canada and for decades it adorned the fire place mantle in the Zoltai Home until it was returned to its birthplace, the City of Hatvan, Hungary. 
Zsolt Szabo, the Mayor of Hatvan welcomed Csilla Grauzer and thanked Olga Zoltai and the Minnesota Hungarians for the generous gift. The painting is now on display in the City Hall of Hatvan.

Olga Zoltai

Olga Zoltai, Thank you for the beautiful painting.

Minnesota Hungarians, Thank you for your support and help executing this project.

"Dear Minnesota Hungarians, My name is Jim Vago, and I'm the grandson of Sandor Vago. I recently saw the posting on the Minnesota Hungarians website about the donation by Ms. Olga Zoltai to the city of Hatvan, my Grandfather's hometown. Please pass along to Ms Zoltai my appreciation at such a wonderful gesture. It's great to know that this painting has made it's way back to Hatvan. Regards Jim Vago"

"Good morning, I wanted to let you know what a joy it was to see this article. Sandor Vago was my grandfather...I also chose the art career path. It is a joy to see one of his works return home, and to know that his paintings are treasured and enjoyed by many. Each painting we find sheds a little more light for us upon his life and career. Thank you and Mrs. Zoltai for your support of this wonderful donation effort. Warmest regards, Kathryn A. Vago"

Csilla Grauzer had the opportunity to go for a tour of the Grassalkovich Castle that is awaiting it's reconstruction to it's previous grandeur. The Castle will give home for The National Hunting Museum that will open in 2014.

Mayor Szabo, extended an invitation to representatives from the Minnesota Hungarians to the Trianon Memorial Day 2013 Conference, along with sister cities from Holland and Transylvania and representatives from other countries and communities.

Ms. Zoltai escaped war-torn Hungary in 1945, fleeing to Austria where she met her future husband, Tibor. After several years they ended up in Alberta, Canada, working the sugar beet fields as indentured agricultural workers. After Tibor was later accepted into and then finished a graduate program at MIT, they finally landed in Minnesota in 1959. Tibor, a distinguished immigrant in his own right, passed away in 2003. In addition to serving as matriarch of her family of three children and six grandchildren, at 81 years old Ms. Zoltai remains an active volunteer in service to refugees and the underprivileged, most recently helping illiterate girls and repressed agricultural workers in India.