A Message from Eva Kish, Director of MISI

Dear Families,

As I step down as Director after 4 years, I would like to first of all thank the dedicated and talented teachers that helped to establish the school and continue to provide inspiration to our students. I would also like to wish the MISI students and their parents continued commitment to formal schooling for their children. While there are parents in our community whose children understand and speak Hungarian and feel they don't need to attend MISI school, I cannot stress the importance of a formal instruction in reading and writing that will propel their abilities in the language to even greater heights. As we move forward in having the state recognize Hungarian bi-literacy with a seal when they graduate from High School, our children will need to be able to demonstrate their literacy with written and oral testing. To the children enrolled in the current MISI semester, thank you for your fingerprint painting. I will frame it and cherish it forever. Lastly, to Betti Czettisch, the Deputy Director for your intelligence, creatively, level-headedness, acceptance and dedication. I valued our professional relationship and, even more, our friendship. You were always a moral and ethical compass. Thank you. Lastly, to the community who don't have children in the Hungarian school, please recognize the importance of what we are doing and its relevance to the future of the MN Hungarians. Won't you make a donation?
Eva Kish