Laszlo Tekler

In memory of Laszlo Tekler

Laszlo Tekler passed away in February 24, 2009, after a long battle with a serious illness. He has been survived by his wife Maria and two sons Laszlo and Istvan.

Tekler was born and raised in Hungary and came to the USA after the 1956 freedom fight in Hungary against the Soviet Communism. He settled down in Saint Paul with his family. He worked as a tailor and with Maria they raised their boys. One of them, Laszlo Jr. became a cardiologist and he is currently working in Duluth Minnesota. His brother Istvan lives in Florida.
Laszlo Tekler was a loyal member of the Minnesota Hungarians. Over the years he attended various activities and donated exhibit materials for our Festival of Nations events.

Members of the Minnesota Hungarians will be missing him and are expressing our heartfelt sympathy to the Tekler family.

By Agnes M. Fulop 2009