Kids Club 10th Birthday Party (06.08.2013.)

The Minnesota Hungarians' Kids Club celebrates its 10th birthday this year. That is why the last get together before the summer break, on June 8th was a bit more special than usually.

The community of Minnesota Hungarians organized the Kids Club for the first time in 2003, to give Hungarian families the chance to gather and get to know each other; the parents could discuss their experiences while the children could learn together about Hungarian language and culture.

The past ten years has passed really quickly, and the Kids Club is still thriving. The Hungarian community of Minnesota has more and more kids around: in 2013 more than 20 children participate regularly in the events and since February a whole new program, "Bóbita" was launched for the kids age 6 and older. At the get togethers, the small children can do craftwork, play and sing, while the older ones learn the basics of Hungarian folkdance, traditions and traditional games.

This year the Kids Club of Minnesota Hungarians has reached a milestone, it has been ten years now since it gets Hungarian families with children together on a regular basis. Because of this anniversary, the occasion of June 8th was larger and more festive than usual: it was held outdoors in Emerald Park, Saint Anthony where the families gathered with a special water splash and inflatable bounce house set up for the enjoyment of the kids. Those who didn't want to jump in the inflatable or run around on the playground could still work on coloring projects with Hungarian folk patterns, play hide and seek, climb trees, get their faces painted or play different traditional games. For a little fitness, we also had zumba lesson that both the children and the enthusiastic parents enjoyed.
The snack time at the end of the day hid some well-deserved surprises. The participants celebrated with pizza, birthday cake and treat bags for the children.
The Kids Club can definitely consider this celebration very successful where both parents and children had a really good time together.  The organization of Minnesota Hungarians and its president Csilla Grauzer finds it really important to support the activities of the Kids Club, to give kids the chance to play together and practice their Hungarian, to learn about their heritage while playing and give them a strong intellectual and communal base they can build on later as teenagers and adults. For this, the help and dedication of volunteers is indispensable, such as the work of the secretary of Minnesota Hungarians, Bernadett Czettisch, leader of the Kids Club. Her work is very much appreciated.

We wish the parents never-ending enthusiasm and the Kids Club many more happy and joyful years!

Hungarian Kids Club - Successful 10 years! - By Bernadett Czettisch

Remarks from the beginning of Hungarian Kids Club - By Amy Konkoly

Greetings of the Minnesota Hungarians' Kids Club - By Agnes Fulop

We invite all the families with little kids and big kids. Come and help us celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hungarian Kids Club!

Date: June 8 (Saturday), 2013  Time: 3:30 pm

Location: Emerald Park 4014 Macalaster Dr. NE, St. Anthony, MN 55421


Program: download the invitation►►►

  • Inflatable
  • Games
  • Photo Booth
  • Craft
  • Hungarian Folk Dance Lesson
  • Zumba Lessons for Kids & Adults

The Park has water splash and we are planning to use it. Bring towels and bathing suit for the kids and lawn chair for yourself.


Please bring some healthy food to share. The Minnesota Hungarians will provide pizza, juice box and cake for this event. 

Please RSVP to