Last weekend the Hungarian Consulate of New York organized an open-house (extramural consular days) for the Hungarian community in Minnesota. The Consulate General of Hungary in New York had the honor to get to know this small but very active and dynamic community, with children and young adults in the focal point of the interest.

Minnesota is the most distant State in the consular district accredited to the Consulate General of Hungary in New York.

The pictures at the gallery show that the event provided great help and assistance for families with small children.  Administrative procedures for dealing with children are challenging because of the large distances involved.  The greater the geographic distance for the NY Consulate, the greater the difficulties in responding to demanding requests.

The following requests of the NY Consulate during the visit aptly demonstrates the need for our visit:

30 Hungarian citizens’ birth registration

28 passport applications

30 simplified naturalization applications

This visit also gave approximately 80-100 people an opportunity to run other types of consular and administrative errands.

Special thanks to Chief  of  Minnesota Hungarians, Csilla Grauzer and her deputy Marika Vince, as well as many enthusiastic volunteers of the community who made this event a success despite logistical challenges involved in coordinating people over such a large region.  This organization is over 100 years old, and provides Hungarian cultural programs to the local youth community - including Kids Club, which provides language education to children.  Country Dancers performances enriched the Masquerade Party, which was held on 11 February  as part of the banquet programs. The images speak for themselves.  For more pictures and information about the community please visit the organization’s website. (