Euro-American Celebration 2013

Date: Wednesday, May 1, 4 to 8 pm

Location: Nicollet Island Pavilion

Meet the European Union Opening Reception

Celebrating Europe with the Minnesota Hungarians

The first Euro-American Celebration, highlighting the Euro-American friendship, was held between May 1 and May 9, 2013 in the Twin Cities. Thanks to the organizer French cultural institute, Alliance Française, the visitors could enjoy ten different events during the nine days of the festival such as receptions, European winetasting, movie night, networking brunch and other meetings with the participation of the local European organizations such as the Minnesota Hungarians.
The Euro-American Celebration started on May 1 with an elegant Opening Ceremony at the Nicollet Island Pavilion where along other local EU organizations like Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian, etc. Minnesota Hungarians was also present. We not only presented Hungary with a spectacular cultural exhibit but also with a speech given by the Minnesota Hungarians' president Csilla Grauzer and a beautiful folkdance performance by the Vidéki Dancers.
The next event the Minnesota Hungarians took part in was the European Story Time on May 5 organized in the Red Balloon Bookstore where all the participating nations had the chance to read a story to the kids from their country. In case of Hungary; it was the shortened and simplified version of the famous epic poem of Sándor Pet?fi, John the Valiant.
In addition to these two programs, the representatives of the organizations participated in other events as well, to deepen the already existing cultural contacts and to create new collaborations.

This event will be a showcase of all EU countries. Local EU cultural centers will staff a table with information on the country and their organization.
Csilla Grauzer, president of the Minnesota Hungarians will introduce our organization to the public at 5:40 pm.

Cost: Free, open to the public