Dec. 6 - Mikulás Day

December 6th is a special day in Hungary. Mikulas (St. Nicholas) is coming to town on this day.
On the evening of the 5th of December children polish their boots and put them in the window. During the night, Mikulás (St. Nicholas) will come and fill their boots with candy, fruit, chocolate Mikulas figures and small gifts. That is, if they have been good! Naughty children receive a bundle of twigs, usually with a krampusz-figure attached (Krampusz: is Mikulas' helper, a mean goblin who punishes bad children). Since no child is all good or all bad, most get the bundle of twiggs and the presents.

Who is the Krampusz and what happens on 6th December?

The Hungarian Santa, called Mikulás visits children with one or two small evil boys called "krampusz"on December 5th or 6th. Chidren put boots in the windows, like stockings hung by the fireplace on Christmas Eve all over the USA. If the child has been good, Mikulás leaves the boot filled with goodies. If the child has been bad, the boot will contain just a birch/rod called virgács, usually with a devil-figure attached, indicating a beating is in order.