Biliteracy Seal for highschooler - Magyar nyelvvizsga

At the Minnesota Department of Education World Languages Office with Ursula Lentz. From left to right: Ursula Lentz, Ildikó Fox-Gulyás, Heni Török, Bernadett Czettisch

We are happy to announce that the Hungarian language has been added to the Biliteracy Seal list. High school student can take an exam in Hungarian and they are going to get a golden or platinum seal in their high school diploma, which for they will be able to get extra credit at College. Minnesota state is the 2nd, where high school students can take Hungarian language test. More information in Hungarian here.

Minnesota Bilingual and Multilingual Seals were legislated in the Learning English for Academic Proficiency and Success (LEAPS) Act in 2014.  Minnesota public school districts, charter schools, and non-public schools may award Minnesota bilingual and multilingual seals to graduating high school students, in grades 10, 11, or 12, who demonstrated the required levels of language proficiency on languages other than English, including American Sign Language (ASL) and indigenous American Indian languages. The required proficiency levels are ACTFL Advanced Low for Platinum Seal; ACTFL Intermediate High for Gold Seal in all of the four modalities - listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Minnesota World Language Proficiency Certificate, legislated in 2009, is an award given to students in any grade level who demonstrate ACTFL’s Intermediate Low level in all of the four modalities - listening, reading, speaking and writing in languages other than in English. *Note: Minnesota State Colleges and Universities award college credit when the test was taken in Grades 10, 11, or 12.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, a statewide system of 30 colleges and seven universities with 54 campuses across the state, compiled a report that provides findings and recommendations for the granting of college credit for the bilingual and multilingual seals and world language proficiency certificates.

Award levels and the number of college credit

The actual number of college credits may vary depending on an institution. Each institution has a different number of credits per a semester course.

Award Criteria in all four areas: listening, reading, speaking, and writing Number of college credits earned
Bilingual Platinum Seal ACTFL Advanced Low 4 semesters
Bilingual Gold Seal ACTFL Intermediate High 3 semesters
World Language Proficiency Certificate ACTFL Intermediate Low 2 semesters

In order to qualify for a bilingual seal, a student must also demonstrate proficiency in English by having met the required English Language Arts credit for high school graduation.  The World Language Proficiency Certificate does not have English Language Arts credit requirements.

How to access college credits

  • Students must be enrolled in a Minnesota State Colleges and Universities institution.
  • Students must make a request for college credit. Students should work with the admission office or advisor. In some cases, scholarship may be impacted by receiving extra credit. Therefore; students should consult with appropriate personnel or offices at the institution.
  • Students have taken a test when in Grades 10, 11, or 12.
  • Students may be required to submit an official high school transcript.
  • There is a three year window to make a request after a high school graduation.
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