Annual Meeting - March 2

Date: March 2, 2021, 7PM
Location: Online Zoom

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 Meeting ID 954 105 3339
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  1. Opening the Meeting: President Csilla Grauzer
  2. Financial Report: Gabriella Sinka Heath
  3. Committee Reports:
    1. Minnesota Hungarians Programs and Activities and Public Relations in 2020: Csilla Grauzer
    2. Membership: Gabriella Sinka Heath
    3. MISI Hungarian School Report: Bernadett Czettisch
  4. Nominating and Electing of Officers and Board Members: facilitated by Tibor Gallo,  Please note! You can only vote if you are a paid member of the Minnesota Hungarians. Paid members may submit nominations of interested members for election to the office of president and member of the board.
  5. Other Businesses
  6. Closing the Annual meeting


Thank you for supporting the Minnesota Hungarians. Our goals have been to engage in cultural, educational and philanthropic endeavors as a non-profit and charitable organisation. Please help us to continue our mission to promote and represent Hungarian culture in Minnesota. Please consider renewing your yearly membership.