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Welcome our new intern


Dear Friends,

Please join me in welcoming our new KCSP intern, Adam Szaloczy.
During  the upcoming nine months, Adam will support the work and activities of  Hungarians in Minnesota and the Honorary Consulate of Hungary in MN.
If you haven't met him yet, you will have a chance to do so this Saturday at our Harvest Festival celebration in Kimball, MN.
See you there,
Csilla Grauzer
President, MN Hungarian
Honorary Consul of Hungary, MN

Hello, greetings to everybody!
 My name is Adam I’m from the beautiful Budapest! I’m a Senior at the  Budapest Business University studying International Relations. I am  succeeding Róbert as the Minnesota Hungarians intern and I will be with  you till June! I’ll help Betty in the school and looking forward to  sharpening the younglings minds and helping Csilla with whatever she  needs.
 I played Football (not soccer) in Hungary so I’m familiar with the main  sport in Minnesota, however I also like baseball, hockey, basketball, so  if you are a sport fan we have something in common, anybody open to a  Golden Gophers match?
 I hope I will be productive for you in the next 9 months!
 Please feel free to reach out to me; I’d be happy to help in any way I can.
 Phone : 1 (763) 453-9912
 Email: mhdiasporaintern@gmail.com
 See you soon at the Harvest Festival!

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