Reconnect Hungary

 Rediscover your Hungarian self

Hungarian Birthright Program

a unique cultural immersion experience

Proud of your Hungarian heritage and want to experience it in a meaningful, unique and fresh way? Explore your heritage and discover the Hungary of today... and conect to other young Americans and Hungarians!

Join other young Americans for a fun-filled and eye-opening experience of our culture, traditions and history while exploring the country. See first-hand the trends, innovations and ingenuity driving Hungary today.


    * Application period: December 15–January 31
    * New application requirement: video essay, in addition to a written essay
    * New age limit: 18 – 28
    * New program element: one day of service work at a local charity
    * Trip dates: June 2016

Dear Friend,

Since the 2012 launch of ReConnect Hungary, applicants have quadrupled and we have therefore set a target of 60 participants in 2016. Currently, the Program has 66 second through fifth generation alumni from 17 states and 5 provinces.

We continually tweak the program, adding and removing elements in response to the needs and interests of our alumni.

Feedback and testimonials confirm that ReConnect Hungary delivers on its promise of a deeply meaningful, life-changing event.

We aim to make your dreams come true and offer shorter, more focused trips for ages 29 and above.
However, we need to know how many would be interested in such a trip, so fill out our survey now and spread the word to family, friends, co-workers and even strangers (by now you know that everyone has a little Hungarian in them)!


Transylvania (in Romania), the birthplace of religious tolerance and the wellspring of Hungarian culture, must be experienced to fully re-discover your Hungarian self. In 2016, the Program will expand to offer an at-cost seven-day add-on excursion for 2016 participants. Just like ReConnect Hungary, ReConnect Transylvania will be enlightening, entertaining and engaging: the travel escorts will be local students, and top leaders in various professional fields will be available to reveal what sustains and drives this largest, most vibrant Hungarian minority community.

Spread the Word, Stay Involved, and Raise Support!

Thank you! Köszönjük!

The ReConnect Hungary Team

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