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Pöttöm Mókusok    ages 1 1/2 to 5
In our preschool program emphasis is placed on vocabulary enhancement and increasing familiarity with Hungarian traditions primarly through games and songs. Taught in Hungarian.

Kis Mókusok     ages 5 to 7 yrs
Our Kindergarten to 2nd grade program focuses on the Hungarian alphabeth, rhymes and beginning reading. Taught in Hungarian.

Intermediate & Advanced Nagy Mókusok     ages 7—up
These groups focus on reading and writing proficiency from the early grades through middle school. Increased emphasis on grammar and compehension. Taught in Hungarian.

Beginner Nagy Mókusok     ages 10 — up
This class is geared toward older children who have a limited understanding of Hungarian. Graded instruction designed toward the proficiency level of the enrolled students. 4 students enrolled to hold class. Taught in English. Not happening in 2020.

Teen / Tini Mókusok ages 10 and up

This class is geared toward older children who accomplished Nagy Mókus class. Taught in Hungarian.

We are hopeful that the children and the parents will find the Hungarian lessons useful. We will do our best to give the children a foundation in the Hungarian language that they will be able to use later. It is also our hope that the successful implementation of this two-course series will provide a foundation for the continuation of a Hungarian school. It is our hope that the children will acquire a structural and thematic approach to the Hungarian language, in reading and writing through these classes, but that they also  arouse an interest in a continued understanding and appreciation of Hungarian culture.  

Faliújság/Bulletin Board

Órai anyagok/Házi feladat

Ovis Csoport/Pre-K Group

Kis Mókus Group

Haladó Mókus Group



Biliteracy Seal - Magyar Nyelvvizsga

ECL Nyelvvizsga Központ Pécs

Bővebb információ a Nyelvvizsgáról

Education Department of MN - World Languages

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Tanári állás / Teaching Position

MISI Hungarian School seeks  teachers for the upcoming 2019-20 school year...

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MISI SpringSemester
2020. January 25, February 8, 22, March 7, 21, April 4, 18, May 2

Rákóczi Szövetség Programjai 2020-ban