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We are hopeful that the children and the parents will find the Hungarian lessons useful. We will do our best to give the children a foundation in the Hungarian language that they will be able to use later. It is also our hope that the successful implementation of this two-course series will provide a foundation for the continuation of a Hungarian school. It is our hope that the children will acquire a structural and thematic approach to the Hungarian language, in reading and writing through these classes, but that they also  arouse an interest in a continued understanding and appreciation of Hungarian culture.  


Eva Kish, MISI Director/Teacher

Bernadett Czettisch, MISI Deputy Director

Ildikó Gyulás-Fox, teacher

Róbert, Maxim, KCSP intern

Meet Éva Kish, MISI director
My name is Eva Kish. I was born in Germany after World War II, grew up in Indianapolis, and have lived in Minnesota since 1990. I have been a teacher all my life since organizing neighborhood talent shows and teaching the neighborhood kids to dance, to working as a corporate trainer at Andersen Windows Corporation. My real passion has always been for dance and I received a MA in Education to teach dance at the college level. Instead I moved to Hungary for a couple of years, attended the Allami Balett Intezet Neptanc Tagozat and performed as a guest artist with the Bartok Ensemble in Budapest studying under the mentorship of the famed Timar Sandor. Upon my return to the US, I traveled all over the country leading workshops, choreographing, and teaching people Hungarian folk dance and culture in universities, with dance ensembles, and private groups. I am a Resident Choreographer with the local Ethnic Dance Theatre and have choreographed several Hungarian pieces for the ensemble. I am also currently the Managing Director of the dance company. In 2011, I was one of the project managers of the MN Hungarians Carpathian Festival when we brought the Duvo Band and dancers from Hungary to the Twin Cities.
In 2005 I was asked if I would consider giving private tutoring to the young bride of a local Hungarian man. Thus was launched another opportunity to transfer my teaching skills to a new arena. I have given private lessons for the past 9 years to over a dozen students. I am especially enjoying the dynamic of teaching a group of students as I am the instructor for the MN Hungarians Adult language classes. I have 10 students in my one class, 8 in a second class and am planning to offer one more start-up class in the fall. My private students and the students in the adult classes do not understand Hungarian so instructing the Kezdo Nagymokus group will be familiar. My plan is to follow Dukai Julia's excellent first session curriculum supplemented with the Kiliki textbook material so that the children of similar ages will b. I also serve as the MISI Magyar Iskola Igazgato and am currently working on the school's strategic plan for 2015.

Meet Bernadett Czettisch, MISI Deputy Director

Bernadett has been a major driver of early childhood education in the MN Hungarian community bringing her creative ideas and leadership formerly to the Kids Club.

Betti has been the rudder that has kept our MISI ship moving forward these three years. Besides being an excellent teacher, who brings some of the most creative ideas to the classroom, she is also an incredible administrator. She is the steady, calming voice that hones in on the key issues amidst all the noise and is able to bring all the elements to be considered to a discussion. She is also tireless in bringing extra-curricular activities to the community and organizing volunteers and managing events.


Meet Ildikó Gulyás-Fox






Meet Róbert Maxim




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