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We are hopeful that the children and the parents will find the Hungarian lessons useful. We will do our best to give the children a foundation in the Hungarian language that they will be able to use later. It is also our hope that the successful implementation of this two-course series will provide a foundation for the continuation of a Hungarian school. It is our hope that the children will acquire a structural and thematic approach to the Hungarian language, in reading and writing through these classes, but that they also  arouse an interest in a continued understanding and appreciation of Hungarian culture.  


Bernadett Czettisch, MISI Deputy Director

Ildikó Gyulás-Fox, teacher - Advanced Group

 - Beginner Group

Judit Church, teacher - Pre-School Group



Meet Bernadett Czettisch, MISI Director

Bernadett has been a major driver of early childhood education in the MN Hungarian community bringing her creative ideas and leadership formerly to the Kids Club.

Betti has been the rudder that has kept our MISI ship moving forward these three years. Besides being an excellent teacher, who brings some of the most creative ideas to the classroom, she is also an incredible administrator. She is the steady, calming voice that hones in on the key issues amidst all the noise and is able to bring all the elements to be considered to a discussion. She is also tireless in bringing extra-curricular activities to the community and organizing volunteers and managing events.

Betti is currently working on the school's strategic plan for 2018.


Meet Ildikó Gulyás-Fox

My name is Ildiko Fox-Gulyas and I grew up Miskolc, Hungary. Before I came to the United States in
2001, I studied German in Miskolc and received a BA in German Education. After teaching for one year in
Hungary I came to the United States and started my second career in music. I received my BA in music in
Kansas City then my Masters in violin in Columbia, Mo. Currently I teach violin to children of all ages in
the Twin Cities and play in the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.
I am honored to be part of the Misi Hungarian School since 2016 and my goal is to help children learn
about their Hungarian heritage and language. I am the teacher of the Advanced Group (age 9 & up).





Meet Judit Church, Teacher of the Pre-K Group (age 3-5)



Faliújság/Bulletin Board

Tanári állás / Teaching Position

MISI Hungarian School seeks  teachers and director for the upcoming 2018-19 school year...

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MISI SpringSemester
2019. February 2, 16, March 2, 16, 30, April 13, 27, May 11.

Rákóczi Szövetség Programjai 2019-ben