Megavers 2 Szavalóverseny

Büszkén mutatjuk be négy kis szavalónkat, akik a nemzetközi Megavers 2 szavalóversenyen Minnesotát képviselték. Köszönjük, hogy vállalták a felkészülést, és gratulálunk a szép teljesítményhez!

Let us proudly introduce you to our four little performers that represented Minnesota at the international competition of reciting Hungarian poems, „Megavers 2”. We appreciate the time and efforts they invested in preparation and congratulate them for the excellent work.

Kiss Sebastian -
Owen Katica -
Varga Nóra -
Varga Zsófia -

Túl az óperencián Rajzpályázat - Eredményhirdetés

A Túl az Óerencián rajzpályázatra összesen 222 szebbnél-szebb pályázat érkezett a diaszpórában élo magyar gyerekektol. A zsuri nehezen, de meghozta döntését, az eredmények a következoképpen alakultak:

3-6 éves korosztály
1. Doktor Fanni
2. Fox Daniel - MISI Magyar Iskola diákja
3. Czirják Eszter

7-12 éves korosztály
1. Elisabetta Martini
2. Emily Schäfer
3. Herner Nikolett

Rajzok megtekintéséhez kattintson ide.

End of School Year Report 2016-17

May 21, 2017

Read report in pdf form

Dear MISI Parents,

    It hasn't been that long that we wrapped the MISI Hungarian School 2016-17 school year. It is hard to believe that we have just completed our third year of operation. Besides the eight 90 minute sessions that comprised each semester, we offered a number of other activities for the children and their families.

  • Tanchaz dance workshop and party with Hungarian visiting artists
  • Visiting Hungarian musicians talk about folk music to the Nagymokus class
  • Dezso Acs demonstrating to the students how grape pressing is accomplished during our harvest unit. The children were able to try out the miniature press and sample the results.
  • Agnes and Laszlo Fulop spoke with the Nagymokus class about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and their personal part in the events.
  • The children presented a folk play to the MN Hungarians community during the fall dinner.
  • The children celebrated Farsang and decorated masks, wore costumes and did some folk dancing.
  • The children participated in the 1848 commemoration with verses and singing.
  • Easter was celebrated with an egg hunt outside.
  • In December, we celebrated Mikulas Nap with the children.
  • The children made cards that they decorated and shared with a Hungarian weekend school in Germany.
  • The children received cards made by a Hungarian weekend school in Ireland.
  • A few of our students took part in an on-line recitation competition. This was also open to all children in our community. Participants were: Sebastian Kiss, Nori Varga, Zsofi Varga and Katica Owen.
  • There was also a drawing contest and a number of our students, Daniel Fox, Kira Koerner and Sophie Koerner took part.
  • There was an Easter camp held in Hungary (organized by the Rákóczi Szövetség) that a number of children from our Hungarian community attended including children from MISI.
  • And, of course, our Mother's Day celebration that also capped the end of the school year.
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