MISI Hungarian School - 2019 Spring Semester Registration

MISI Hungarian School Registration

The classes are designed to provide the children the opportunity to succeed to read and write in Hungarian, with particular emphasis on reading and conversation. Our position is that by acquiring an ability to read in Hungarian the student is provided an indirect means of continued proficiency in the language, and that through reading they might learn about and develop an interest in the Hungarian culture.

In light of these developments, we have begun to organize the language classes.


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Classes will be held:

 January 25, February 8, 22, March 7, 21, April 4, 18, May 2, 2020


Unity Church Unitarian (733 Portland Ave., St. Paul, MN)

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Faliújság/Bulletin Board

Órai anyagok/Házi feladat

Ovis Csoport/Pre-K Group

Kis Mókus Group

Haladó Mókus Group



Biliteracy Seal - Magyar Nyelvvizsga

ECL Nyelvvizsga Központ Pécs

Bővebb információ a Nyelvvizsgáról

Education Department of MN - World Languages

  • Click Assessments of bilingual and multilingual seals and world language proficiency certificates

Tanári állás / Teaching Position

MISI Hungarian School seeks  teachers for the upcoming 2019-20 school year...

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MISI SpringSemester
2020. January 25, February 8, 22, March 7, 21, April 4, 18, May 2

Rákóczi Szövetség Programjai 2020-ban