Mikes Kelemen Program

The Mikes Kelemen Program:  Opportunity to Donate old Hungarian Books!

It’s time to decide: trash or treasure? What shall we do with our Hungarian relics that are out of use?

We cannot let our valuable Hungarian belongings end up in litter bin just because the circumstances have changed. There might be no one left in the family to understand Hungarian or a lack of space can occur, we should still think twice about the future of our relics. The Mikes Kelemen Program was started with the purpose of saving the written, visual or audio documents that became unwanted by their proprietors living in the diaspora, but which have relevance regarding the Hungarian heritage. The materials get collected and are sent back to Hungary. With the help of the National Széchényi Library the books become part of a Hungarian library, while the other documents can be of important value for the institute of National Archives of Hungary.

The Mikes Kelemen Program accepts the following offerings:
·         written materials in Hungarian (books, journals, posters, small prints etc.)
·         personal documents (letters, official papers, handwritings, photos, recorded materials etc.)

If you own any written or other documents suiting the above description that you are ready to save by offering it to the program, please be so kind to inform us until November 27th on mhdiasporaintern@gmail.com

This is the time to act and take advantage of a great opportunity, let’s not miss it.
If there is demand for the collection, we will come back to you with the details.  
Thank you for considering and we are looking forward to getting your answer until November 27th.
Györgyi Facskó
KCSP Intern, Minnesota Hungarians