Kalman Janos Govrik

 Govrik Kálmán (Öcsi) emlékére (1943-2013)

Horváth Lajos verse

Mélyen ülő kék szemedből,
 csupa vidámság áradt,
 mig betegség tömkelege  
 szivós tested ellen támadt.
 Nem csüggedtél,nem jajgattál,  
 a hitedből erőre kaptál.

  Teremtőddel kibékülve
  ellene nem emeltél vádat,
  csöndben mindig megújultál.
 -Imádtad szülőhazádat.
  Igy éltél harmóniában,
  szeretteid,barátaid között.
  Lángban égett sokszor orcád,
  keserved nem bánatba,hanem
  örök örömbe öltözött.

 From your  deep-seated blue eyes,

    lot of playfulness emanated,

    while multitude of illness

    attacked your tough slander frame.

    but you did not despair,did not wail.

   Got strength from your deep faith,

   were in peace with the Creator.

   Against Him did not bring complain.

   Silently always got regenerated.

   Worshiped your country of birth.

   So you lived in great harmony

   among your loved-ones and friends,

   often your face was burning in fever,

   but your grievances did not drown in           

   sadness you clothed them in eternal joyfulness.


Ocsi's "Hungarian"spirit", attitude, and humor have been truly remarkable and inspiring throughout this ordeal and always.  He has always been so proud to be Hungarian, instilling his love, pride, and passion for all things Magyar in every one of his nine children. 


Kalman Janos, age 69, died peacefully in his home on February 19, 2013. Preceded in death by parents Kalman Govrik, M.D. and Ilona Govrik. Born in Budapest, Hungary, May 24, 1943, he emigrated to the United States from war torn Europe with his parents and three siblings. With his origins and life experiences, he, of all people, appreciated the freedoms of this country. Survived by nine children: John (Jodi), Endre (Erin), Chris (Elizabeth), Nick (Jodi), Anthony, Melissa Govrik-Westermeyer (Jared), Elizabeth (Cleveland), Tereza, and Louis; four siblings: Ilka Priest (Jim), Kathy Preisler (Bill), Laszlo (Mary), and Miki Govrik; fifteen grandchildren: Davis, Grant, Wyatt, Lily, Oliver, Ben, Nina, Malec, Percy, Ella, Conrad, Amiya, Mathias, Tehya, and Charlotte; several nieces and nephews; spouse: Mary Michelle Govrik.

Known as Öcsi by family and the Hungarian community, and “Kal” by his friends, his great sense of humor, happy disposition, sharp intellect, and passionate Hungarian spirit will be remembered by all.

To a grateful family, he was the source of love, laughter, and happiness.