Hungarian Folk 2(tu)nes

The music of Béla Bartók played on piano and as it was played in the village.

The Minnesota Hungarians invites you and your family to the

Hungarian Folk 2nes Concert

By Agnes Enyedi & Soma Salamon
from Budapest, HU.

Admission: $25/person; under 17 FREE

Food: Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Potluck and BYOB - You are welcome to bring additional items to share.

In our performance you will hear music from those regions where the tradition of Hungarian folk singing and flute music is present together. Played on the different types of flutes found throughout the Carpathian Basin, the performance is framed through the daily rituals of peasant life, including the weaving house, love, the military, nature etc… Béla Bartók is also celebrated through the performance, as some of his flute accompanied songs that he collected in the village will be performed as well, embellished with some of his compositions for piano.

Above and beyond this, the accordion will also sound off during the performance, giving it a more modern sound, as the instrument itself was a late arrival within Hungarian folk music scene.

Ethnographic regions: Transdanubia, Palóc, Székelyföld, Mezőség, Gyimes, Moldavia

Sunday, January 18, 2015 - 5:30pm
St. Sahag Armenian Church - 203 North Howell Street, Saint Paul, MN 55104