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November 5 (Saturday), 2016

3:30 pm Social Hour; 4:30 pm Program and Potluck; 6:30 Music & Dance

Unity Church Unitarian (733 Portland Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104)

$10/adult; age 16 & under FREE

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  • MISI Students' Performance
  • Potluck (Please bring a dish of 10 servings)
  • Bake Sale (buy some delicious treats and support our school at the same time; sign up for our Bake Sale here)
  • Silent Auction
  • Dance Party


  • Cold Appetizer Assortments (provided by the Minnesota Hungarians)
  • Potluck Dinner
  • Bake Sale
  • Wine and beer available for purchase.


(click here to see the auction list)

We would like to hold a silent auction with the proceeds benefiting our MISI Hungarian School. Tuition only support a portion of our expenses and we need to raise additional funds in order to meet our budget and to purchase textbooks, teacher and student materials, and chairs for the nursery school class.
Please consider supporting this effort by donating item for the auction. Some suggestions are gift certificates, sport or event tickets, gift or theme baskets, merchandise or services for the silent auction. You will receive a tax deduction donation acknowledgement letter for you taxes.
Inviting your friends to attend will increase the possibility of a more successful event and would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you  for considering our request and for supporting  MISI Hungarian School.

Payment options:

Check, Credit Card or Cash at the door
Check: Minnesota Hungarians (11705 Live Oak Dr., Minnetonka, MN 55305)

Hungarian Revolution 60th Anniversary - 10.23.2016.

Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Hungarian Uprising in 1956 in the Twin Cities. (Sunday, October 23, 2016)

"Barikádok mögül tör elore
az elnémított szabad akarat.
Kigyul a szabadság fojtott lángja.
Tüzesíti a sápadt arcokat..

Ebben a szent tuzben megolvad
a piros csillag, sarló és kalapács.
Keservben öntudatra ébrededünk;
lehull bilincsünk, dícsérnek osapák.

Reményt küldjetek sírotok mélyérol.
Itt ropognak a küzdo fegyverek.
Nézzétek, hogyan kelünk fel újra!
Szemünkben tébolyként ül a gyulölet."
/részlet Horváth Lajos Októberi szél címu versébol/

Special thank you to Györgyi Facskó for the the fantastic job that she did on the memorial program and to Agnes Fulop Sylvester and Fülöp László G for providing the memorial exhibit for us.

Language Classes


The Minnesota Hungarians are pleased to announce a series of courses of adult language instruction in the Hungarian language starting the first week of October for 6 weeks ONLY--to allow for a limited commitment. Classes will be offered based on chapters in the A1+ course textbook (green cover). This accommodation is for those who had to suspend their study and wish to pick up again where they left off.

Class A--beginning from Chapter 1 and 2
Class B--beginning from Chapter 3
Class C--beginning from Chapter 4
Class D--beginning from Chapter 5

The classes times and location will be set based on a consensus of those attending. Registration is now open. Please register by filling out the form below. Classes will cost $25/each and last 90 minutes and can be paid to the instructor at the first class.

The cost of the textbook and workbook, which may be purchased the first day of class, is $60.


ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Eva Kish has been giving private instruction in Hungarian to adults and children in the Twin Cities since 2005. Eva grew up in the US of Hungarian parents and grew up speaking Hungarian. She lived and studied in Hungary in the late 70s. She has an MA in Education.

Contact Eva Kish

To register, click here.

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