Mikulás Party (12.13.2014.)

12/13/2014 - 15:00

 You are invited to the Minnesota Hungarians 

Mikulás Party 


Date: December 13 (Saturday), 2014   Time: 3 pm

New Location: St. Sahag Armenian Church         

                      203 N Howell St, St Paul, MN 55104


 Download the invitation from here. 

Craft for the Kids!

Christmas Program 2014

Welcome by Csilla Grauzer


Kids' Performances

Christmas Carols 


The Mikulás brings presents to the children 

The program is organized by the Minnesota Hungarians and 

the Minnesota Hungarians Kids Club.

Please bring your favorite Holiday dish or treat to share!


Event organizers: Betty Czettisch, Júlia Dukai, Zsuzsanna Matika 

Hosts of the event: Erzsi Nemeth


Please register your children/grandchildren's name in advance,

so Santa's helpers can start wrapping the presents. 

Registration form

Hungarian Kid's Club (12.07.2014.)

12/07/2014 - 15:30

  You are invited to our next Kids Club get together.

 Date: December 7 (Sunday), 2014 Time: 3:30 pm

Location: St. Anthony Community Center - Community Room

3301 Silver Lake Rd., St. Anthony, MN 55418

Meet Eszter Meszaros, MH Diaspora Intern 2014

Dear Minnesota Hungarians members and friends,
I am delighted to announce the arrival of our next Korosi Csoma Sandor Program Intern, Eszter Meszaros. Eszter will spend 6 months in Minnesota, May 5-November 5 assisting and helping our community implement our programs and events.
I invite you to join me in welcoming and helping Eszter with her work in the coming months.


Csilla Grauzer

Board Members 2015


In 2014 the Minnesota Hungarians honors George Bor with the President's Special Recognition Award of his participation in the work and execution of tasks of the Minnesota Hungarians as board member and volunteer.

His active and enthusiastic participation in projects like fundraising dinners and other community events has proved reliability and consistence.


 Board 2015   Officers
      Csilla Grauzer - President    
Sandor Gallo - Vice President
             - Secretary        
   Erzsi Németh - Treasurer
Rachel Hames - Co-Treasurer

Board of Directors
George Bor, Bernadett Czettisch, Emese Balogh Drew,  Julia Dukai, Tamás Majoros, Alan Nadosy, Rozy Németh, Jim Oberly, Sasha Shahidi, Tamás Szinyei

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