Szent István király gyermektábor - MinnesotaKedves Szülők!

A Magyar Iskola (MISI) és a Kids Club gyermekeit nyári napközis táborba hívjuk!
A tábor témája Szent István király és kora, a honfoglaló magyaroktól az államalapításig, ahol gyermekeink közelebb kerülhetnek a magyar kultúrához, történelmünk ezen rendkívül jelentős szakaszát játékos formában ismerhetik meg történetmesélésen, népi játékokon, népi énekeken és néptáncon keresztül, illetve kézműves foglalkozások segítségével. 
A tábor vezetője Mészáros Eszter a Minnesotai Magyarok Kőrösi Csoma Sándor ösztöndíjasa, pszichológus, néptáncos, segítőtársai pedig Fózer Dóra (KCSP Boston) logopédus, néptáncos, illetve Konkoly Csenge (KCSP Washington DC) népi énekes, néptáncos lesznek.

3.) AMIT Conference from a MISI attendee perspective (06.14.2014.)

 For the second year in a row, the Arany János Hungarian School and the American Hungarian Collegium organized the AMIT, that is the American-Hungarian Schools Conference. 

The conference was held on Saturday, June 14th Minnesota Hungarians MISI Hungarian school, attended the conference.—Éva Kish, Évi Noy,  Zsuzsanna Matika as well as our current Diaspora Scholarship recipient—Eszter Mészáros.

 At the conference, which was held at the New York Hungarian Consulate, we met a number of members of North American Hungarian schools, Nursery school directors, pedagogues, leaders of Hungarian scouting and other professionals whose labor of love is the care of the Hungarian language and culture. Various lectures and workshops were presented alternating with presentations by Hungarian schools, Nursery schools and Scouting troupes operating in North America. We also debuted MISI to the conference with a video, which enticed the audience to smiles and laughter. With this short film we uniquely showed a day in the life of our school, beginning with the play-like assignments to the hard-working industry of our students learning the beauty of our Hungarian language. I then summarized our professional experiences with the participants in a short presentation. A lot of useful information was communicated at the conference. If we didn’t receive answers to all of our questions, we did get directions and suggestions. It turned out that all of the participating Hungarian educational institutions face similar challenges as we do. For instance, the difficulty in assigning the children into the groups, finding the best books, difficult to choose the curriculum for such a short time in the classroom, and how to maintain the interest in children 13 years old and older. In spite of these difficulties, children are enthusiastic and eager to be involved in the classes and various events. They are happy to take part in poetry competitions, are happy to speak in Hungarian, and what is especially surprising, that they love writing in cursive. The message of the conference was that if we take advantage of their curiosity, and teach them a complete Hungarian curriculum then our work will be truly successful and we can raise well-rounded Hungarian people. In order to do this, we must involve the local and the entire Diaspora Hungarian community.

Hungarian Camp for Children (08.23.2014.)

08/23/2014 - 10:00

Discover the fun!

Date: August 23 (Saturday), 2014  Time: 10 am

Location: Golden Lake Park, Circle Pine, MN

Dear Parents and Children,

August 23rd marks the start of our Hungarian Day Camp where children can come together for an exciting time of playing, singing and dancing. The recipe for fun: puppet show, folk songs, folk dances and much more, led by a team of enthusiastic Hungarians (MISI teachers and Kids Club members).

Join us as we experience the treasures of our rich Hungarian cultural heritage.

Hope to see you there!



Meet Eszter Meszaros, MH Diaspora Intern 2014

Dear Minnesota Hungarians members and friends,
I am delighted to announce the arrival of our next Korosi Csoma Sandor Program Intern, Eszter Meszaros. Eszter will spend 6 months in Minnesota, May 5-November 5 assisting and helping our community implement our programs and events.
I invite you to join me in welcoming and helping Eszter with her work in the coming months.


Csilla Grauzer

MISI - Hungarian School for Children

MISI Hungarian School fall course starts September 14, 2014

Dear Parents,

As you may already know, the Minnesota Hungarians has successfully received the grant for developing Hungarian language classes from the Hungarian Initiatives Foundation of Washington, D.C. Because of this grant, we are able to offer two classes for children, one this spring and another this fall

The classes are designed to provide the children the opportunity to succeed to read and write in Hungarian, with particular emphasis on reading and conversation. Our position is that by acquiring an ability to read in Hungarian the student is provided an indirect means of continued proficiency in the language, and that through reading they might learn about and develop an interest in the Hungarian culture.

In light of these developments, we have begun to organize the language classes.


Our spring courses closed on June 8, 2014. Registration for fall courses coming soon. Please visit back later!

Classes will be held:



Unity Church Unitarian (733 Portland Ave., St. Paul, MN)

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