Krampus is coming to town - Minnesota Public Radio News (12. 11. 2018.)

Santa Claus is everywhere around the holidays, from making appearances at malls to hawking soda in commercials.

But the holiday season wasn't always just brightness and presents. Some central European cultures have traditionally incorporated a figure called Krampus into the holidays.
Listen fellow Minnesota Hungarians members' stories on MPR from 3:27 minutes.



Members of the Minnesota Hungarians visited the Archives and Special Collections department underground storage facility in the caverns beneath Andersen Library on Friday, December 14, 2018. Special thank you to Maria Kubanyi Vincze, MH liaison and IHRCF* Board Member for inviting MH members and coordinated the event for them. Immigration History Research Center (#IHRC) founded in 1965,it is the oldest and largest institution devoted to preserving and understanding immigration experiences. *Friends of the Immigration History Research Center and Archives at the University of Minnesota IHRCF is a nonprofit organization of individuals and groups worldwide that support the Center’s mission to promote the study and appreciation of our ethnic pluralism.

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Judit Baranyi Church 1976 - 2018

Judy Church was an active member of the Hungarian community since her arrival to Minnesota in 2010. She was a devoted volunteer on our events and programs (dinner parties, Festival of Nations exhibit booth, etc.) and she was the main organizer of the annual Hungarian Camping trips.
From very young age her children participated in the Hungarian Kids Club, and as the kids grew they enrolled to the Hungarian weekend school. Her family always supported the Hungarian school with donations. Her Hungarian heritage was important to her, and from 2018 spring semester she was the teacher of the Pöttöm Mókus (Tiny Squirrel) Group, teaching preschool aged kids. Being a kind and caring nature, it was a perfect fit for her.
In 2016 she joined the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Hungarians, and she helped wherever and whenever she could. She volunteered on events, or sewed/fixed the Hungarian costumes for the school. Many times she proved her creativity when she made cute sheep costumes for the Christmas play or created Hussar uniforms and hats for our scout program.
Energy, commitment, integrity are all the words that begin to capture our image of Judy. Would that we had many more like her! But she was one of a kind and will be sorely missed as a colleague and friend.
Judy--a caring and beloved wife, mother, a cherished colleague, and friend--will be missed by many, but never will she be forgotten by those who were fortunate enough to have known her! (B. Cz.)

Pictures of Judy

The Olga Zoltai Award

Each year, The International Institute of Minnesota presents the Olga Zoltai Award, given in recognition of outstanding community leadership by, or in service to, New Americans.

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Olga Zoltai Award.

The honor will pay tribute to an individual who demonstrates outstanding community leadership as a New American or in service to New Americans.

The recipient will be honored as part of the International Women’s Day Celebration, a fundraiser benefiting the Institute’s programs and services.

Olga Zoltai was a tireless advocate for refugees and immigrants. A refugee herself–at the age of 13, Olga and her family fled her hometown of Sopron, Hungary as Soviet forces invaded. Olga worked at the International Institute of Minnesota from 1971 to 1993 and earned the title ‘Patron Saint of Area Immigrants’ by the Minneapolis Star Tribune upon her retirement.

Board Members 2019

Board Officers in 2019
      Csilla Grauzer - President    
Sandor Gallo - Vice President
           Rachel Hames  - Secretary       
Zsofia Czegledi - Co-Secretary
   Gabriella Sinka Heath - Treasurer

Board of Directors
Barbara Bor, Alexi Bryant, László Magyar, Tamás Majoros, Zsuzsanna Matika, Alan Nadosy, Dorothy Nadosy, Erzi Németh, Judit O'Keeffe, Réka Szent-Imrey, Maria Vincze

 Tibor Galló - Parliamentarian
          Ágnes Fülöp - Immediate Past President

Barbara Bor - Minnesota Association for Proffesionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)
Bernadett Czettisch - MISI Hungarian School; American-Hungarian Schools Accociation (AMIT)
Ágnes M. Fülöp - Hungarian Communion of Friends (MBK)
László G. Fülöp - Hungarian American Coalition - Board of Directors, Executive Committee (HAC)
Mária Vincze-Kubányi - Imigration History Research Center (IHRC)

Our Sponsors

These event are brought to you by the Minnesota Hungarians with special thanks to Gabor Bethlen Foundation's grands.

Christmas Party

Thank you all for attending our Christmas Party on December 8, 2018. It was such a pleasure to enjoy good food and a performance together.
We’d like to take a moment to highlight the hard work of our volunteers, who helped us setup, run the event and clean up afterwards. "Volunteers wear working boots but leave a trail of angel footsteps." ~Terri Guillemets
Thank you also to all the kind people who donated items for the silent auction and the people who participated in it!
The party is over, but the memories of laughter and good cheer remain. Thank you for sharing such a special evening with us! We hope you have a fun and safe holiday season and we look forward to seeing you in the new year. Happy Holidays! - Betty Czettisch

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Minnesota Hungarians in the Hungarian News on Christmas Eve (video starts from 33:45 minutes)

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