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On November 15, Minnesotans have an opportunity for unparalleled giving to their favorite non-profits.

MINNESOTA HUNGARIANS | GiveMNIt is the end of 2018 and on November 15, 2018, Minnesotans and donors from all over the country can donate to their favorite charities and non-profits. The Give to the MAX day donations can be made between midnight and 11:59 pm on Thursday, the 15th. You don't have to wait until November 15, you can make your donation NOW and it will upload automatically on Give to the MAX day.

We are asking you to make a donation to help the school meet its expenses.

MISI opened its doors in April of 2014 with 17 students. In this second semester of 2018 we have 24 students enrolled in 4 classes. Unfortunately, the tuition only covers a portion of the operating expenses of the school.

Your donation will help provide for added teaching materials and opportunities. Drawing on established teaching methods for second language learning and infusing the curriculum with games, folk songs, dances and stories, the MISI school plays an important part in educating the children about Hungarian culture and traditions as well the language. We are also trying to raise funds for some additional teaching materials from Hungary.

  •     Your donation will strengthen the Minnesota Hungarian community.
  •     As an investment in the children, your donation can help to ensure that there will be a Minnesota Hungarians community in the future.
  •     Your donation will be your way of being an ambassador of Hungarian culture.
  •     Your donation will help to guarantee that the children have every opportunity to connect with their Hungarian heritage.

The famous composer and ethnomusicologist, Zoltán Kodály, said, "Culture cannot be inherited. Ancestral traditions evaporate rapidly unless each generation reacquires them for itself." (Kultúrát nem lehet örökölni. Az elödök kultúrája egykettöre elpárolog, ha minden nemzedék újra meg újra meg nem szerzi magának.) Help these children have the opportunity to reacquire their ancestral traditions through the language, through the music and dance, through the songs and games, through their friendships. Your donation will help to guarantee that the children have every opportunity to connect with their Hungarian heritage. 

Thank you for your generosity!

Éva Kish, Executive Director of the MISI Hungarian School, 2014-2017

Board Members 2019

Board Officers in 2019
      Csilla Grauzer - President    
Sandor Gallo - Vice President
           Rachel Hames  - Secretary       
Zsofia Czegledi - Co-Secretary
   Gabriella Sinka Heath - Treasurer

Board of Directors
Barbara Bor, Alexi Bryant, László Magyar, Tamás Majoros, Zsuzsanna Matika, Alan Nadosy, Dorothy Nadosy, Erzi Németh, Judit O'Keeffe, Réka Szent-Imrey, Maria Vincze

Our Sponsors

These event are brought to you by the Minnesota Hungarians with special thanks to Gabor Bethlen Foundation's grands.

Christmas Party

a Hungarian Christmas Celebration

Mark your calendars for this event to celebrate the Christmas season with szaloncukor, beigli, mulled wine, delicious Hungarian treats and traditional Hungarian music.

All ages welcome!

December 8 (Saturday), 2018

4:00 pm Social Hour; 4:30 pm Program;  Potluck Dinner, Music & Dance

Unity Church Unitarian (733 Portland Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104)

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